Manger sain ne rime pas avec ennui : les conseils du chef Amrita Raichand

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Chef Amrita Raichand, an emblem of the Indian culinary landscape, embarked on her journey through the world of advertisements, becoming a household name as the Whirlpool mom. With the evolution of media, she embraced social media platforms to share her culinary expertise, significantly benefiting during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her influence extends beyond the kitchen as she collaborates with the Salaam Bombay Foundation, addressing malnutrition among underprivileged adolescents. Raichand’s journey from commercials to culinary shows and philanthropy highlights her multifaceted career and her commitment to making a difference through food.

From the screen to the kitchen: A journey of transformation

Amrita Raichand’s career transition from acting to becoming a celebrated chef was inspired by her desire to spend quality time with her son while pursuing her passion. Despite her success in modeling and acting, the demands of motherhood led her to seek a profession that allowed for a better work-life balance. This quest brought her to the culinary world, where she could combine her love for cooking and storytelling through the show « Mummy Ka Magic. » Her dedication to providing healthy, delicious meals for her child sparked a broader mission to share her knowledge and culinary skills with a wider audience.

The role of social media in culinary arts

Social media platforms have been instrumental in Raichand’s ability to connect with her audience, especially during the pandemic when traditional media channels were less accessible. Her initiative, ‘Mere Ghar Ka Khana,’ showcases the power of digital platforms in reaching out to people seeking culinary guidance. Raichand’s approach to social media, which includes integrating entertainment elements like songs and dances into her cooking content, reflects her innovative and engaging method of sharing her culinary passion.

Inspiration and culinary philosophy

The essence of Raichand’s cooking is deeply rooted in the home-cooked meals prepared by her mother. These formative experiences instilled in her a belief in the power of food to bring people together and the importance of creating dishes that are both healthy and satisfying. Her culinary philosophy centers on the idea that nutritious food can and should be delicious, a principle she endeavors to share through her recipes and cooking shows.

Exploring diverse cuisines and dishes

While Raichand has a profound love for Bihari dal chawal, her palate enjoys a variety of cuisines, with a special fondness for Japanese food. This culinary diversity is reflected in her cooking, although she admits to enjoying the experience of dining out for cuisines she doesn’t cook herself. Her appreciation for regional and homemade dishes underscores her belief in the authenticity and uniqueness of local flavors.

Advice for aspiring chefs

For those dreaming of a culinary career, Raichand emphasizes the importance of following one’s passion. Her success story is a testament to the idea that love for one’s work can lead to fulfillment and achievement. By encouraging aspiring chefs to pursue their culinary dreams with dedication and enthusiasm, Raichand hopes to inspire the next generation of culinary artists.



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